2-minute 4-ingredient sugar-free, gluten-free raw chocolate

I’ve been longing to have some dense chocolate goodness, and as yummy as my brownies are, I’m trying to cut down on sugar, and flour. Also, with the weather warming up, I’m not too keen on touching the stove! So these 2-minute, 4-ingredient, sugar-free, gluten-free raw chocolate poppers/bites are the perfect option.

Since I’m an excellent Lebanese homemaker (ahem!) I’ve got these “traditionally Middle Eastern” goodies on hand: dates, and tahini. (I actually really dislike the taste of dates. But gave these a shot and to my surprise, you can’t taste the dates at all!) I also have almond meal from making my own almond milk yesterday. Additionally, you’ll need a food processor and some cocoa powder.

I prepared these just before lunch, and had them as dessert. They are so good. Satiated my craving, and 100% guilt-free! Who knew sugar-free, gluten-free, egg-free chocolate goodness could be so good, and so simple?

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