Oh Boy! Almost four!

My firstborn turns 4 this August. FOUR!

It has been four years since I first had the pleasure of his strong kicks to my belly every evening. It has been almost four years since I first felt pangs of labour! Almost four years since I felt incomparable empowerment from birthing a human being!

¬†I see him 24/7 and he is literally growing up before me. Yet, it is only when looking at his photos that I see my baby boy has become a boy-boy. He hasn’t got much baby left!

Thad continues to surprise us with his wit, imagination and memory. His creativity in storytelling and play is next level. His ability to make friends at playgrounds is something I really admire.

Uninhabited, raw, honest, protective, gentle and loving, my firstborn is my pride and joy! Cliche, but looking at my baby boy, I must have done something right!

Oh Boy! Almost 4-year-old self-weans

On the morning of April 14, Thad came over to my bed where I was nursing Elisabeth. He climbed into bed between his father and I, sat down and said: “Look at me Mommy. I’m so big now!”

Then he said: “Mommy, I’m not going to drink milk anymore, cause I’m big now. I won’t ask for milk. I’ll keep it for the new baby!”

I grabbed him and hugged him. I told him we can still hug and cuddle, and I’ll still squeeze him tight.

“Mommy, do you know which side to keep for the new baby?” And he points to my right breast. Ahhh this boy!!!

That evening, as he watched me nurse his little sister to sleep, he said: “Mommy, I’m not going to ask for milk.”

My firstborn. Always so considerate and caring, especially towards his momma. From the very beginning, I said to myself that I was going to let him self-wean, whenever that might be. But, I’ve also nudged him along the way.

When I was pregnant with Elisabeth, it came to a point where I had to limit his time spent on the breast due to nursing aversion. We started using the countdown timer, a trick that has stayed with us right up till the night before April 14. During that time, there were days he would nap and go to bed for the day without asking to nurse. While I thought I’d be relieved, I was a tad sad it happened so quickly. Crazy momma hormones.

Thankfully though, a few days after Elisabeth was born, Thad was right back at the breast. Tandem nursing them was the only time in my day I managed to sit and do nothing! Bonus if they both fall asleep!

Thad is now a couple of weeks short of his 4th birthday. While I did suggest to him once that perhaps we will stop nursing when we celebrate his 4th birthday, I have recently really resented having him nurse. Even if he was only nursing for all but 5 seconds, I actually feel the physical need to squeeze his arms. If he didn’t stop when I asked him to, I’d actually feel the urge to slap him. So I told him: “Thaddeus, I think you have to stop now, cause sometimes when you nurse, I feel like I want to hit you, and I don’t want to hurt you.”

While he verbalised that he would stop nursing back in April, he really only stopped some time in late June. I don’t even know when was the last night he asked.

I’m surprisingly NOT crazy emotional about him weaning. It has been so gradual and adjustment-free.

I do miss holding him though. It feels like I never carry him anymore. I rarely hug him or kiss him! And he is not quite 4 yet!

Get great hair quickly and inexpensively

Two of the most frequently visited posts here are unexpectedly the eight-year-old TRESemmé shampoo product review and the follow-up post. Many have commented that they experience the same thing. Even after all these years, the product is still out there and still causing the same problems!

While I did find a better solution to my shampoo woes, I now use THE BEST chemical-free product(s) on my hair. It is cheap, readily available, and keeps my hair healthy!

Commonly known as the “no poo method”, all you need is some baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) and vinegar!

I started going no poo because I was tired of limp hair. No matter my hair cut or style, I had that flat bed head on the back and limpness on the top, both of which made me very self-conscious.

No-poo isn’t new, but definitely “revolutionary” in my experience! Not only do I now have thicker and bouncier hair, I can go days without washing my hair! No greasy oily smell or feel. THAT IS A REAL BONUS.

When I go to the beach, pool, after a workout or a particularly humid day, I rinse with water when I shower. That’s it!

You will need:

  • 1 tbsp baking soda
  • Half cup water
  • Half cup vinegar

You will:

  1. Wet hair as usual
  2. Mix baking soda with water. It should not be a paste, but very pourable
  3. Pour baking soda solution onto scalp and use fingers to massage onto scalp, rinse
  4. Pour/squirt vinegar down length of hair, leave vinegar on while you finsih up your shower, rinse off with cold water

Your hair will probably smell like vinegar after you’re done, but the smell isn’t noticeable once the hair is dry. Adding a drop of pure essential oil to your bottle of vinegar will definitely help with that. Alternatively, I sometimes infuse my vinegar with citrus peel. I also use a squirt cap on my vinegar bottle and squirt directly down the length of my hair instead of measuring out a half cup.

People who have done this before me, say they go through a “transition period” where the hair gets really nasty before it gets better. For me, I barely noticed the transition. My hair just went from blah to woah!

I started this method in the Spring and was cautious about what might happen in the heat of the Mediterranean summer. I am also pregnant, which usually means greasy must-shampoo-twice-a-day-hair. BUT, I was pleasantly surprised. No nasty chemicals, CHEAP, clean and bouncy hair. I’d take it!